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  How to find reasons for low profit

It is clear that all this involves significant costs, and therefore with a decrease in profits. Huge amounts of money are frozen in these facilities that do not work for the company. As a rule, if the number of objects in the company’s assortment reaches a critical level, then this is a direct, and very long and very painful path to bankruptcy with eyes wide open, because the reason for what is happening is not even clear.

The eighth reason is […]

The main source of problems

How to increase profits

It is his psychological portrait and his needs that he considers as a base and focuses on them. Many do not respond to such advertising or even react negatively. As a result, there are no sales, and the reputation deteriorates, which further aggravates the situation. Advertising itself is the activation of embedded ideas. But not those that are embedded in the specialist, but those that are embedded in the consumer. To get objective advertising, you need to […]

How Brands can Use Web3

NFT as a tool for building relationships with consumers

In recent years, major brands have paid attention to non-interchangeable tokens. For example, Nike has started selling branded sneakers in the virtual world of Roblox — they can be worn by users’ avatars during sports. These virtual sneakers, which do not exist in real life, are an example of NFT.

Meanwhile, in the fashion industry, Dolce & Gabbana set a record by auctioning an NFT collection of nine items for $6 billion. Among […]

Advisory Board and supporters

Get acquainted with the partners, sponsors and the advisory board of the company — this will allow you to assess its maturity and professional level.

Highly qualified startups usually enter into partnerships with leading players not from the blockchain sphere or attract funding from venture capital companies that have proven themselves in this area.

For example, Pantera Capital is the first cryptocurrency fund in the United States, founded in 2013. He has invested in many successful crypto projects that form the blockchain […]

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