Saturday Feb 24, 2024

The main source of problems

How to increase profits

It is his psychological portrait and his needs that he considers as a base and focuses on them. Many do not respond to such advertising or even react negatively. As a result, there are no sales, and the reputation deteriorates, which further aggravates the situation. Advertising itself is the activation of embedded ideas. But not those that are embedded in the specialist, but those that are embedded in the consumer. To get objective advertising, you need to study and know them.

Anything that does not lead to the activation of the idea is pseudo–advertising

The second reason is pseudo–advertising. As mentioned above, real advertising is the activation of ideas embedded in customers. If ideas are not active, a person does not need anything, he is in a state of complete satisfaction and happiness. In order for a person to want something, it is necessary to activate the implemented ideas in him and this is done just the same with the help of advertising. Only when an idea is active in a person, he wants to implement it, and for this he needs a product or service that are ways to implement the idea.


Only the real activation of the idea is advertising. Anything that does not lead to the activation of the idea is pseudo–advertising. It is bad because it does not create a need, does not create a desire to buy a product or service and thus does not sell. Pseudo–advertising is a kind of casino slot machine that slowly but surely eats up your money. So we can safely say that many of the reasons for low profits are closely related to poor advertising.

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