Sunday May 26, 2024

The main reasons for low profit

the reason for low profit

The third reason is inappropriate advertising, which creates customers not for you, but for other companies, including competitors. With this approach, you spend your money on activating other people’s ideas, getting not into your target ideas, but into someone else’s, as a result of which demand for goods and services of other companies is created. These companies get free clients and thereby increase their profits at your expense, while you either get low profits or do […]

Launching a sought-after FinTech product in a crisis: what needs to be taken into account?

What to pay special attention to today when launching a FinTech product, Evgeny Cherkashin, CEO of humex service design company, is working with experts from Sberbank and MTS Bank.

New in the field of FinTech: import substitution, relations with the state and profitability

FinTech startups, like the entire Russian IT market, depend on foreign software and platforms. This includes a product development environment, specialized programs for design, data analysis, and management tools — for example, process organization and project management.

Many companies that […]

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