Saturday Feb 24, 2024

How Brands can Use Web3

NFT as a tool for building relationships with consumers

In recent years, major brands have paid attention to non-interchangeable tokens. For example, Nike has started selling branded sneakers in the virtual world of Roblox — they can be worn by users’ avatars during sports. These virtual sneakers, which do not exist in real life, are an example of NFT.

Meanwhile, in the fashion industry, Dolce & Gabbana set a record by auctioning an NFT collection of nine items for $6 billion. Among […]

Launching a sought-after FinTech product in a crisis: what needs to be taken into account?

What to pay special attention to today when launching a FinTech product, Evgeny Cherkashin, CEO of humex service design company, is working with experts from Sberbank and MTS Bank.

New in the field of FinTech: import substitution, relations with the state and profitability

FinTech startups, like the entire Russian IT market, depend on foreign software and platforms. This includes a product development environment, specialized programs for design, data analysis, and management tools — for example, process organization and project management.

Many companies that […]

The approach to sales will change: we recall the Yandex advertising network, email marketing and loyalty programs

There are fewer and fewer effective ways that FinTech startups could attract customers today. Targeted advertising in banned social networks is no longer available.

The paid placement of bloggers does not work so well

The coverage of some has fallen by two or more times. And because of budget optimization, startups themselves are forced to give up pleasant “chips” for users: starting bonuses, free deliveries, etc.

There remain those tools that were actively used 10 years ago — first of all, the Yandex […]

6 factors that will help assess the reliability of a crypto project

Have you noticed an interesting crypto project, but are you wondering how safe it is to invest money in it? Analyzing crypto projects for investment purposes is a real skill that can be compared to fundamental and technical analysis of the stock market.

The cryptocurrency industry has existed for more than a decade, but remains largely unregulated: fraudulent schemes continue to flourish in it. Therefore, you should not rush to invest in a new project, no matter how attractive it seems. […]

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