Sunday May 26, 2024

The difference between an idea and a thought

But this does not happen, because thought cannot activate an idea and cannot create a consumer, it can only create a like-minded person. As a result, the company incurs costs that are not refunded. This accordingly reduces the overall profit due to expenses, and also eats up the possible profit from sales. It turns out that the company is being dealt double damage. The problem is aggravated when there is no marketing system of the enterprise.

Moreover, the money invested in […]

The approach to sales will change: we recall the Yandex advertising network, email marketing and loyalty programs

There are fewer and fewer effective ways that FinTech startups could attract customers today. Targeted advertising in banned social networks is no longer available.

The paid placement of bloggers does not work so well

The coverage of some has fallen by two or more times. And because of budget optimization, startups themselves are forced to give up pleasant “chips” for users: starting bonuses, free deliveries, etc.

There remain those tools that were actively used 10 years ago — first of all, the Yandex […]

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