Saturday Feb 24, 2024

The approach to sales will change: we recall the Yandex advertising network, email marketing and loyalty programs

There are fewer and fewer effective ways that FinTech startups could attract customers today. Targeted advertising in banned social networks is no longer available.

The paid placement of bloggers does not work so well

The coverage of some has fallen by two or more times. And because of budget optimization, startups themselves are forced to give up pleasant “chips” for users: starting bonuses, free deliveries, etc.

There remain those tools that were actively used 10 years ago — first of all, the Yandex advertising network (YAN). Marketers will have to remember their skills in working with contextual advertising, perhaps work on search engine optimization of a startup’s website or blog.

It is worth considering that the cost of the lead is likely to increase — after all, the number of platforms for promotion has decreased for everyone, and it is still somehow necessary to advertise.

In order not to overpay, you can choose a narrower target audience, very clearly direct all efforts to solve the specific pain of the user. For example, to position itself as the best service for paying fees to freelancers — and not even mention the rest of the business payments.

And another thing: finding a new client in modern conditions is much more difficult than keeping someone who has already come. So FinTech companies should develop different loyalty programs, engage in high-quality email marketing — and certainly avoid scandalous stories.

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